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Copper Wire Wedding Planning literally turned our little wedding into an unforgettable wedding we could have never planned ourselves. My fiancé and I got engaged in July 2016 and he was very determined to get married at the end of 2016, in December.

I told my now-husband, Brantley, “There is no way we can pull this off! There is so much to do!”

Carrie, owner and founder of Copper Wire Weddings (located in North Georgia), reached out to me a few weeks after our engagement announcement and I was thrilled! Carrie is a dear family friend and I had no idea that this had been her lifelong dream: to be a wedding planner!

One of my married bridesmaid in my wedding said, “Jordan, if I had to do it over again, I would have gotten a wedding planner. I was so busy making tea in my wedding dress that on my way out to the aisle, I forgot to put on my earrings! You need Copper Wire’s services!”

Needless to say, Carrie’s invitation was welcomed as part of our planning. Carrie was extremely thorough, communicative, timely, and artistically talented throughout our entire wedding process. She designed all of our center pieces, bouquets, and even the boutineers! I was so impressed!

Because of her efforts, I did not decorate a single thing. I did not worry about a single thing. If anything went wrong, I sure didn’t know about it. All of her passion in planning our day carefully allotted more time to spend with loved ones who had traveled so far to be with us that weekend.

From one bride to another: INVEST in a wedding planner… but more importantly, invest in Copper Wire! Our seemingly small wedding turned into my dream wedding without even trying to. I was completely blown away and I will always be grateful to Carrie’s investment of time, love, and care into planning our beautiful day. She has a glowing passion for in-love couples and THAT is what distinguishes her from other planners.

Jordan & Brantley Tribble

Sautee, Georgia


In the past 5 years, I have had three daughters get married.  Two of them were in the past 8 months.  Did I lose my sanity?  NO!  I had Carrie by my side.  Carrie is cool, calm, creative, and most of all calming to those with whom she works.  I could not have made it through this year without her. 
Carrie is organized.  She communicates to find out exactly the bride’s wishes, and she does whatever it takes to make it happen.  She will help make the schedule, or she will go with the schedule you design.  If she sees an issue, she never judges.  She simply inquires as to your wishes.  Her ability to work and be organized make the wedding day such a joy!
Carrie is creative.  She thinks of the “little” things.  She comes prepared with a last minute kit, a brain to make anything gorgeous, and the ability to make sunshine on a rainy day.  My last daughter to marry looked at a centerpiece she created for a serving table and said, “I just absolutely love this!”  I had to tell her that I did not do it.  Carrie did.
Carrie is passionate.  Carrie is a believer in Christ and the sanctity of marriage.  She believes that a wedding day is to be cherished and a dream for all involved.  If I had a fourth daughter, there is nobody I would want more by my side to make the day perfect.  From knowing the order, to getting the correct supplies, all the way down to where each glass and cupcake are placed, she turns something ordinary into extraordinary.  She is indeed the best!
Stacey Lorraine
Demorest, GA