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The Tale of Copperwire


What’s in a name?

Weddings are rich with meaning around names – given names, maiden names,
taking and sharing of names, honoring the names of people who have walked alongside you in your journey.

For Copperwire, it all began with the first purchase I made for my own daughter’s wedding – a roll of copper wire.  She desired a woodsy look and feel with her colors and wildflower florals.  In putting together her design, it needed something, so I presented to her the idea of infusing a metal – copper, to her overall theme to add shine and another layer of texture against the softer colors.  My first purchase was the copper wire as a detail to tie everything together.  The name ‘Copperwire’ was born!

This demonstrates my ability to catch the ‘big picture’ vision of your dreams and bring in the finite details that make your wedding day distinctive.  Whether you are into hiking and the great outdoors and want your day to reflect that, or you have an insatiable love of giraffes and desire for that to be your theme, my purpose as “author” and designer of your wedding ‘story’ is to weave every facet with beautiful details that speak tastefully of who you are as a couple.